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Modern Metaphysic Man was founded in 2018 to help bring metaphysical knowledge, goods, and services to the Colorado Springs area. Our founder and owner, Dustin the Modern Metaphysic Man, is an accomplished artist, occultist, metaphysician, and tarot reader. Having studied metaphysics, the occult, magick, shamanism, healing, paganism, world religions, divination and the Tarot since he was a teenager. All throughout his life he has incorporated many different systems, modalities, religions, and philosophies into a life path and spiritual existence that works for him. Modern Metaphsic Man was created as a place to share this vast knowledge, expertise, talent, and service with the world. 

"As an intuitive empath it is in my soul to teach, help, and listen. I offer a wide range of divinatory readings specializing in Cartomancy, specifically Tarot and Oracle Cards." - Dustin

Visit the Tarot Readings page to learn more about the plethora of unique reading services Dustin offer. 

We also own and operate a small metaphysic boutique in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Located in the American Classic's Marketplace on Constitution and Academy. I specialize in a curated collection of handmade, local, sustainable, and fair-traded metaphysical goods and supplies. We have a wide variety of candles, oils, incense, herb bundles, crystals, decor, artwork, and vintage pieces to enhance your spiritual practice and space. Click here for more info. 

As always - remember, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind, always. 

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Modern Metaphysic Man online is your source for metaphysical information, product reviews on our YouTube channel, and for booking a reading with Dustin as well as a select few handcrafted and selectively sourced items. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know when new items are available! 


In 2019 we opened our first boutique metaphysical shop located in the American Classics Marketplace in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our goal is to provide the community with quality handmade, local, sustainable, and fair traded metaphysical goods and supplies. Our entire collection of herbs, resins, incense, candles, crystals, jewelry, books, talismans, oils, antiques, art, decor and, curiosities are all hand curated by Dustin. You can visit our brick and mortar boutique seven days a week in the American Classics Marketplace located at 1815 N Academy Boulevard. Just ask for booth C-29.

Below is a gallery of images to showcase and highlight what you may find within our boutique. We are constantly updating and carrying new items so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when new items are brought in.